A meeting was organized with stakeholders made up of all businesses, financial institutions, telecom companies to discuss the proposed fee fixing for the 2023 fiscal year. Management proposed a 50% increment and upon further deliberation there was a consensus that the increment should be 25% across all charges.

In a concerted effort to address taxation issues and ensure transparency in fee fixing practices within the Pru East District , stakeholders from various sectors have come together to engage in meaningful dialogue and collaborative action. The resolution aims to establish a balanced approach to taxation that promotes socio-economic development while alleviating the burden on residents and businesses.

Through robust discussions, stakeholders identified key challenges and concerns related to the fee fixing including the perceived inequities in tax assessment and collection, the complexity of tax regulations and the lack of consultation and transparency in fee-fixing processes. These issues underscored the importance of fostering trust, accountability and cooperation between taxpayers and tax authorities.

The engagement process facilitated constructive exchange of ideas, experiences and proposals for reforming tax policies and fee fixing mechanisms . Local businesses shared their perspectives on the impact of fee fixing on their operations while community leaders voiced concerns about the affordability of taxes for low-income households.

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