Engaging students at Presbyterian church by the department of social welfare on children’s protection concerns using the community facilitation toolkits.

The Department of Social Welfare organized a series of engaging sessions utilizing community facilitation toolkits. The initiative, aimed at empowering students with knowledge and skills to recognize and respond to child protection issues, reflects a concerted commitment to nurturing safe and supportive environments for children within the district.

Key themes covered during the sessions included understanding the rights of children, identifying signs of abuse and exploitation, reporting mechanisms and the importance of seeking support from trusted support from trusted adults and relevant authorities. Practical strategies and coping mechanisms were also discussed to empower students to protect themselves and their peers from harm.

In summary, the engagement of students at the Presbyterian church by the Department of Social Welfare through community facilitation toolkits represents an important step towards addressing children protection concerns and fostering a culture of child safeguarding within the district.

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