Sensitization with students on teenage pregnancy and child right abuse at the premises of the social welfare office.

In a proactive effort to address the pressing issues of teenage pregnancy and child rights abuse, the Social Welfare Office in the Pru East District organized a sensitization program targeting students. The event, held at the premises of the Social Welfare Office, aimed to raise awareness, provide information and foster dialogue among students on these critical topics, highlighting the importance of protecting the rights and well-being of children and adolescents.

The sensitization program brought together students from various schools within the district creating a platform for open discussion and engagement on sensitive but essential issues affecting young people. Facilitated by experts from the Social Welfare Office, the sessions utilized a blend of interactive presentations, discussions and group activities to educate students and empower them to recognize, prevent and respond to teenage pregnancy and child rights abuse.

Teenage pregnancy remains a significant challenge in the Pru East District, with far reaching consequences for the health, education and socio-economic prospects of young girls. Through informative sessions, students were equipped with knowledge about the risks and consequences of teenage pregnancy, including its impact on maternal and child health, education dropout rates and perpetuation of the cycle of poverty.

As the program concluded, representatives from the Social Welfare Office reiterated the importance of ongoing education, advocacy and support in preventing teenage pregnancy and addressing child rights abuse. They emphasized the need for continued collaboration and coordination among stakeholders to create a supportive environment for children and adolescents to thrive.


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