67th Independence Day Celebration in Pru East District

The independence day of Ghana is a national holiday celebrated yearly. This day is an official state holiday for the citizens of Ghana both within and in the diaspora to honor and celebrate the Heroes of Ghana who led the country to attain its independence. The independence day is celebrated on March 6th every year. 6th March is also remembrance of the day that marks the declaration of Ghanaian independence from the British Colonial rule.

The 67th independence anniversary celebration, held nationwide on March 6th, 2024, under the theme “OUR DEMOCRACY, OUR PRIDE” was observed across the country, with similar parades organized in various regions and district capitals. The celebration was duly marked in Yeji, the capital of Pru East District.The Pru East District joyously celebrated the 67th independence day of Ghana on March 6th, 2024, with a vibrant durber. This auspicious occasion brought together esteemed individuals including the District Chief Executive, Honorable Haruna Mohammed, the District Chief Director (DCD), the Director of Education of the District, heads of departments of the Pru East District Assembly, the Chief of Police (COP), , and parliamentary candidates.

The District Chief Executive, Honorable Haruna Mohammed accompanied by the Superintendent of Police and the director of education inspected the the parade which symbolizes the importance discipline and orderliness.

The celebration continued with a spirited march past by selected schools from the district. This march past not only showcased the discipline and unity of the students but also highlighted their patriotism towards Ghana. The performances were evaluated, and awards were presented to the best-performing school, whose display was truly magnificent.

After the march past and inspection, the District Chief Executive addressed the members present at the event. His speech was filled with messages of unity, patriotism, and the significance of independence. The DCE emphasized the progress made by Ghana since gaining independence and highlighted the importance of community development and cooperation. He also used the occasion as a tool to encourage, inspire and motivate students to be involved in shaping the nation and challenge themselves to become future leaders of our country.

The Director of Education also addressed the audience, stressing the role of education in shaping the future of Ghana and encouraging students to strive for excellence.

The celebration of Ghana’s 67th independence day in Pru East District was a resounding success, filled with moments of pride, unity, and inspiration. The participation of prominent figures, the vibrant march past, and the insightful speeches made the event truly memorable. It reinforced the spirit of patriotism and commitment to the development of the nation.

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