The Pru East District Assembly witnessed a significant event on 12 February, 2024 as newly elected assembly members were inaugurated into office. The inauguration ceremony, held at the Assembly premises, marked the beginning of a new chapter in the governance and representation of the Pru East District. The inauguration ceremony was attended by a diverse array of stakeholders, including elected assembly members, government officials, traditional leaders, community representatives and members of the public.

The ceremony commenced with an opening address delivered by the District Coordinating Director (DCD), Alhaji Bawa Musah L. , who welcomed attendees and highlighted the importance of the inauguration geared towards the shaping of the future direction of the district.

THE DCD addressing attendees.

Following the opening address, the newly elected assembly members were formerly introduced and sworn into office. Each member took an oath of office, pledging to uphold the constitution, serve the district with integrity and dedication and work hard to address the needs and aspirations of the constituents.

As part of the proceedings, the assembly members also elected Honorable Patrick Yaw Boateng as the Presiding Member to lead the assembly’s deliberations and decision-making processes. Hon. Patrick Yaw Boateng, selected through a democratic voting process, assumed the responsibility of ensuring order, fairness and efficiency in the assembly’s affairs.

Hon. Patrick Boateng(Middle) with the Gyaasehene of Yeji, Nana Siahene Mpre Kukugyi(left) and the Bono East Regional Minister(right) , Hon. Kwesi Adu Gyan.

Throughout the inauguration ceremony, several key themes emerged, reflecting the priorities of the newly inaugurated Assembly Members. These themes included;

  1. Commitment to service : Assembly members expressed their unwavering commitment to serving the interests of the people and communities they represent, pledging to prioritize the needs of their constituents in their decision making processes.
  2. Transparency and accountability : There was a strong emphasis on the principles of transparency, accountability and good governance with assembly members vowing to uphold the highest standards of integrity and ethics in their conduct.
  3. Collaboration and unity : Recognizing the importance of collaboration and unity addressing complex challenges and driving progress, Assembly Members reiterated their commitment to working together across party lines and ideological differences for the collective good of the Pru East District.

Cultural display by students of EP Government School.

As the newly elected assembly members assume their roles and responsibilities, there is optimism and anticipation for the positive changes and developments they will bring to the district. The ceremony served as a reaffirmation of the democratic principles and values that underpin the Pru East District Assembly’s mandate to serve and empower its constituents.

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