Tourism holds significant importance for individuals, communities and nations contributing to various aspects of economic, social and cultural development.

The Pru East District offers a lot of unrealized potential for tourism. Large areas of the Volta Lake, for example, might be transformed into breathtaking scenery. The low-lying areas close to Brekente and Vutideke might be turned into recreational beaches. Additionally, Accra Town’s largest Island in the lake is available for development. Furthermore, locations like the Wansun River bats might be turned into tourist attractions.

However, not much was done to capitalize on these unrealized tourism potentials for many years following the District’s establishment. In light of this, the Assembly decided to explore some of the unexplored tourism potentials for visitor attraction in its Annual Action Plan for 2023. Using the Volta Lake was one of the potentials designated as a tourist attraction.

The PANTUFEST is an annual occasion that is celebrated every year. The vibrant town of Yeji nestled along the scenic shores of the Volta lake in the Pru East District of Ghana, comes alive with joyous celebration of PANTUFEST.

This unique occasion deeply rooted in local tradition and community spirit brings together people from other towns to honor their cultural heritage and foster unity among neighbouring communities.
What sets PANTUFEST apart is its distinctive mode of transportation – a ferry known as the “Pantu”; which carries participants on a journey of camaraderie and exploration across the expansive waters of the Volta lake. The celebration often curs on New Year’s Day.
The event took place on the 1 of January, 2024 with more than 380 participants who were mostly young people embarking on the Yeji Ferry to Accra Town; the largest island on the volta lake.
The event was planned by the Assembly of the Pru East District in partnership with Alive FM.

One of the sub-chiefs of Yeji, Nana Kojo Korkor took center stage, delivering a stirring address that resonated with wisdom, grace and humility. In his words, he spoke of the importance of preserving cultural heritage, fostering unity and embrasing the spirit of inclusivity and hodpitality that defines the town of Yeji.
For the participants of the PANTUFEST, the chief’s presence served as a source of pride and highlighting the importance of tradition. The chief’s presence underscored the enduring role of traditional leadership in promoting social Cohesion.

The PANTUFEST, began at Yeji, a distance of about 50 kilometers to Accra Town. Participants were able to spend approximately three hours on the Volta Lake traveling from Yeji into Accra Town for a tour of the lake’s largest Island.

Unlike other years, the 2023 PANTUFEST saw a sharp increase in participants. One can say without contradictory that over 1000 participants took part in this festive occasion. The event saw dignitaries such as the District Chief Executive, Honorable Alhaji Adams , Nananom and youth leaders within the District.

On arrival at Accra Town (the destination of the Pantufest), the Hon. DCE addressed the residents of the community and also the participants of the PANTUFEST. In his address, the DCE begins by acknowledging them for their cooperation since he resumed office as the District Chief Executive of the Pru East District.
He highlighted the symbolic journey embraked upon participants aboard the ferry, transversing the traquil waters of the Volta Lake from Yeji to Accra Town. This journey he asserts was not just a physical passage but also symbolized the interconnections of communities and the forging bonds that transcend geographical boundaries.

The 2023 PANTUFEST not withstanding some few challenges and shortcomings was successful.

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