Standard Fixed Assets Register and Data Collection Training

On the 17th of  January 2023, a training was held at the pru east district assembly for staff of the Finance Department and some institutions from the Pru East and Pru West district assembly. These institutions included the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Department of agriculture, Ghana education Service, PWDA, Yeji Senior High School, Feeder and fisheries. This training was part of the initiative by the National Accounts Directorate in the Controller and Accountants General Department (CAGD) to educate it’s members on the importance of fixed asset register.

The purpose of the meeting was to train these officers of collect a detailed list of all fixed assets owned by businesses and to help them to accurately record and maintain both financial and non-financial information pertaining to each asset and to easily identify and verify an asset when required. The trainers made it know to the trainees that maintaining a fixed asset register will help them keep records on asset status, history and location for audit trail purposes.

The facilitators of the training from the National Accounts Directorate in the Controller and Accountants General Department (CAGD) introduced the trainees to a software that can help them perform these tasks. They took time to make sure all the participants understood how the software operates and the kind of data that can be uploaded there. They also enlightened the trainees on some techniques they can use to collect data from businesses to be able to perform these tasks.

The District Finance Office of the Pru East District Assembly at the end of the training thanked the trainers for their time and efforts and also thanked the trainees who also took time out of their busy schedule to attend the training.

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