Socio-Economic Support to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)

The government of Ghana through its social intervention policy guidelines established the disability fund which is 3% of the district common fund to support, protect and enhance the socio-economic lives of persons living with disabilities.

In view of this, the Pru East District Assembly block on Friday, 27th January, 2023 at the forecourt of the Assembly presented deep freezers, fufu processing machines and cash to the tune of Ghc 73, 800.00 to 83 Persons Living with Disabilities (PWDs). The beneficiaries included 40 males and 43 females.

Out of the 83 beneficiaries, 45 of them were supported under the income generating activities scheme, 18 persons were supported under the educational scheme and 20 supported under the medicals and assistive devices scheme.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, the District Chief Executive, Hon. Alhaji Adams Abdullai said the items and other cash support to the beneficiaries were to economically empower them to become financially and socially independent.

This would enable them to support their families and also contribute their quota to the national development as they stay off the streets from begging for arms.  He entreated beneficiaries to put into good use whatever support they have received in order to achieve the good purpose for which the fund was established by government.

Mr. Evans, rep from the common fund secretariat in his short address said the government is committed to their welfare as persons living with disabilities and will continue to support with policies and program that would finally make them socio-economically independent.

He also made the present beneficiaries to understand that, the secretariat and government of Ghana are on the negotiations to have their fund increased considering the current economic issues.

Bringing his statement to an end, he entreated all beneficiaries to put good use the support and items received to justify the investment made in them.

Hon. Alhaji Adams Abdullai


Mr. Evans

Common Fund Rep.

Mr. Martin Sungholi Luther

District Director, Social Development Department.

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