Hon. DCE inspecting the ongoing road constructioin on the Nchamba road.

The District Chief Executive of the Pru East District; Honorable Alhaji Abdulai Adams made an official visit to the Nchamba, Parambo/Sawaba Electoral Area. During the visit, the DCE engaged with community leaders and residents to evaluate local needs and progress in infrastructure projects, notably the ongoing construction of the Nchamba road. The road links from Kofi Baasari to the Nchamba community.

The visit provided an opportunity for open dialogue and collaboration as residents shared their concerns and aspirations with the Honorable DCE. A focal point of the visit was the inspection of the ongoing construction work on the Nchamba road, a critical artery connecting the community to neighboring areas and facilitating transportation of goods and services. The DCE, accompanied by engineers assessed the progress of the roadworks and engaged with the road contractors to ensure ensure adherence to quality standards and timelines.

Honorable Ahaji Abdulai Adams (DCE) after the road inspection at Nchamba also embarked on an official visit to the Parambo/Sawaba Electoral Area to extend support to the physically challenged people in the community.

The DCE’s visit to the Parambo/Sawaba Electoral Area served as a platform for the DCE to assess the specific needs and challenges faced by the disabled residents with view of developing targeted interventions and support programs in collaboration with stakeholders. Discussions centered on access to healthcare, social services, transportation and economic opportunities with a focus on enhancing quality life and promoting social inclusion.

In summary, through dialogues, collaboration and proactive interventions, stakeholders and the Pru East District Assembly are working together to build resilient and prosperous communities in the Pru East District.

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