Engaging property academy and community members on children’s right and responsibilities as well as parental responsibilities at Ahiave community.

In a bid to foster awareness and promote the rights and responsibilities of children and parents within the Ahiave community, the District Chief Executive(DCE) of the Pru East District spearheaded an engaging session at the Ahiave community. The event focused on the establishment of a property Academy to educate community members on various aspects of property ownership, alongside discussions on children’s rights and responsibilities and parent’s rights and responsiblities.

During the interactive session, the DCE emphasized the importance of creating a conducive environment where children can thrive and develop to their potential. He highlighted key principles enshrined in international conventions and national laws that safeguard the rights of children, including access to education, healthcare, protection from abuse, and the right to participate decisions affecting them. Moreover, the discussion delved into parental rights and responsibilities, stressing the fundamental role parents play in nurturing and guiding their children. Topics such as providing a supportive environment, ensuring access to education, fostering positive relationships and instilling values of respect and responsibility were explored in depth.

Community members enthusiastically participated in the dialogue, sharing their experiences, concerns and aspirations regarding children’s rights and parental responsibilities. Through open discussions and collaborative efforts, attendees expressed their commitment to fostering a supportive and nurturing environment environment for children while promoting responsible parenting practices.

As the session concluded, the DCE reiterated the District’s commitment to support initiatives that promote the well-being of children and strengthen family units within the community. He encouraged continued engagement and collaboration among community members, local authorities and relevant stakeholders to ensure the effective implementation of programs aimed at safeguarding children’s rights and enhancing parental responsiblities.

In summary, the engagement session led by the DCE served as a significant step towards raising awareness and fostering dialogue on children’s rights and parental responsibilities. By empowering community members with knowledge and resources, the initiative seeks to promote holistic development and create a more inclusive and supportive environment for children and family within the Pru East District.

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