On Thursday 25th April, 2024 management of the Pru East District Assembly met with the District Revenue Heads and Revenue Collectors to discuss on revenue mobilization in the Pru East District.

The meeting aimed to discuss the challenges faced by revenue collectors in the Pru East District in meeting revenue targets and strategize on ways to increase revenue mobilization efforts.

The meeting commenced with an overview by the District Chief Executive, highlighting the importance of revenue mobilization for the development and sustenance of projects in the district. The DCE emphasized the need for revenue collectors to not only meet but exceed their revenue targets.

Some of challenges identified during the meeting

  1. Many traders and businesses in the district show resistance to paying taxes levies due to lack of awareness among taxpayers and how it (the taxes) contributes to the development of the district.
  2. The state of roads and transportation infrastructure in some parts of the district hampers revenue collection efforts.
  3. A significant portion of economic activities in the district is informal, making it difficult to capture revenue from these sources.

Some strategies discussed to solve these challenges were;

  1. There should be implementation campaign to educate traders and businesses on thee benefits of paying taxes and how it directly contribute to the improvement of their communities
  2. Capacity Building: Provide training and resources to revenue collectors to enhance their skills and efficiency in revenue collection.
  3. Expansion of Revenue Sources: Identify and tap into new revenue sources within the district to diversify income streams.

Action plan;

  1. Conduct regular awareness campaigns targeting traders, transport services and businesses.
  2. Strengthen enforcement mechanisms to ensure compliance with tax laws.
  3. Provide training and resources for revenue collectors.
  4. Explore opportunities for expanding revenue sources.
  5. Invest in technology for better tax management.
  6. Foster collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

The meeting concluded with a commitment from all stakeholders to work collaboratively towards improving revenue mobilization in the Pru East District. It was agreed that a follow-up meeting will be held to assess progress and address any emerging challenges.