On May 16th,2024 the National Service Personnel Association(NASPA) in the Pru East District organized a Leadership and Capacity Building Seminar themed “THE YOUTH AND LEADERSHIP”. The event was spearheaded by NASPA President Tettewayo Joseph and saw the attendance of various distinguished guests, including the District Chief Executive, Honorable Haruna Mohammed, the Assistant Headmistress-Domestic, Yeji Senior High Technical School, Mrs. Vivian Orpigyi Ayerema and Mrs. Happy J.A Hotorwovi, Manager of Yapra Rural Bank-Yeji branch.

The primary objectives of the seminar were;

  1. To empower the youth with leadership skills
  2. To build the capacity of service personnel for future leadership roles.
  3. To foster a culture of proactive and responsible leadership among the youth.

Mrs. Happy J. A Hotorwovi, the first speaker emphasized the crucial role of financial literacy in preparing the youth for leadership roles. Key points included the importance of learning to budget finances effectively, fostering habits of saving and investing, and the necessity of avoiding Ponzi schemes and debt-inducing initiatives. She highlighted that making informed decisions about time management is essential. Acquiring knowledge from books and experts was also stressed as a vital component of personal and professional growth. By mastering financial literacy, the youth can build a solid foundation for future leadership and success. The Manager made copious examples of how she emerged as the Manager of a prestigious Yapra Rural Bank who started as an ordinary banker after completing higher education.

Mr. Baabotin Musah Terah, a representative from the Ghana Education Office also highlighted on the integral role of leadership as a source of strength in society. He emphasized that education serves as the foundation where young minds are nurtured with the necessary skills to lead and service humanity. He encouraged all persons present to aim high and pursue further education to attain prestigious positions and make significant contributions to their communities.

Lastly, the Honorable District Chief Executive (DCE) urged all personnel to stay updated with 21st-century technological advancements, recognizing the critical role of modern technology in contemporary leadership.

The seminar concluded with a commitment from the participants to apply the knowledge and skills acquired to their personal and professional lives. The NASPA president expressed gratitude to all dignitaries and participants for their active involvement and contribution to the seminar’s success.

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