Training Workshop Organized for Secretaries of the Various Sub-Committees and Area Councils and Staff of the Assembly

This training took place at Pru East District Assembly Conference Hall to update staff on how to go about their works. It was organized for four groups. Thus, the Registry staff, Secretaries of Sub-Committees and other committees, General Staff of the Assembly, and area council members and Revenue mobilization. The was organized on the 12th -14th December, 2022. The trainers were Professional Alliance for Development Consultancy which included, one female and two males.

The Registry staff were the first group to have attended the training. The staff of registry went through a lot of discussion with the training officers. And this group of trainees were enlightened on how to keep records, to manage and or keep files in a safer position. They were also updated on how to create file volumes for subsequent documents. Also, they were advised not to eat in the offices in other to deter mice and other animals that may cause damage to files.

The second batch of trainees were the secretaries of sub-committees and other committees. These secretaries were trained on how to note down minutes during discussions and to write reports on functions and gatherings and a lot was said in this section, questions were also asked for clarifications.

The third batch to be trained were the General staff of the Assembly on Local Government Protocols. At this training, Alhaji Bawa Muasah, the District Co-ordinating Director, showed up and gave a speech entreating staff to take this training assiduously since these protocols are the guiding principle of the Local Government Service. The specific protocols staff were trained on include: Code of Conduct, Condition of Service, Performance Management Systems, Service Delivery Standards among others.

Lastly, training was also given to the Chairman, Secretary and Revenue Collector of the Area Councils. The training elaborated on the roles of the Chairman and Secretary of the Council in revenue mobilization but mainly focused on the methods, strategies and modalities of revenue collection for the Revenue Collector of the Council. The training further showed the possible challenges of revenue collection and possible solutions to overcome these challenges.

The main speaker at the event Dr. Asaah during the training.

Staff from the Registry Present at the training

Secretaries from the various sub-committees and area council present at the training.

The Staff of the Assembly present at the event

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