Stakeholder Consultation on 2022 Annual Fee Fixing

This post provides the key discussions, highlights, contributions and recommendations from the Stakeholders Consultative Meetings in relation to the 2022 Annual Fees Fixing Resolution. The meeting was held on 29th September, 2022 at the Assembly Hall.

The meetings were held to engage stakeholders in the 2022 Annual Fees Fixing. It was also intended to sort for their contributions on the changes to be made on rates for the ensuing financial year in the proposed fees fixing resolution.

One other cardinal objective of the meeting was to confirm with stakeholders’ their approval and consent for 2022 annual Fees Fixing. The expectations of the attendees and presenters dovetailed with the meeting objectives as majority of the attendees expected the fees be flexible.

Objectives for Stakeholder Consultation on 2022 Annual Fees Fixing.

The public hearings were organized key stakeholders to collectively review the Proposed 2022 Annual Fees Fixing Resolution so as to ensure that the proposed rate related the view of the rate payers and had cognizance their ability and willingness to pay. The hearing was also used to further the understanding of the various rate payer on the need to honor their obligations to the assembly and the overall development of the District. Specifically the hearings sought to address the following.

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