On Friday, 7th June,2024 Green Ghana Day IV was observed at the Pru East District Assembly with the theme “Growing For a Greener Tomorrow”. Since its launch in 2021, the project has grown to become a nation wide movement that inspires people from all walks of life to support efforts to reforest and afforestation in order to fight climate change.

The occasion was chaired by the Omanhene of Yeji, Pimampim Yaw Kagbrese V who emphasized the importance of environmental stewardship in his opening remarks. The District Chief Executive (DCE) of Pru East District , Honorable Haruna Mohammed delivered a warm welcome address, acknowledging the efforts of the participants and highlighting the district’s commitment to environmental conservation.

Representatives from the Ghana National Fire Service delivered a solidarity message focusing on the detrimental effects of bush burning. They provided insights into practical measures that can be taken to prevent and resolve bush fires thereby protecting the environment and enhancing afforestation efforts.

The District Manager of the Forestry Services Division (FSD) in Atebubu, delivered the keynote address. He underscored the significance of the Green Ghana event and detailed the critical role of afforestation and reforestation in combating climate change, preserving biodiversity, and ensuring sustainable land use.

The event featured a ceremonial tree planting session, symbolizing the district’s commitment to increasing its green cover. This activity was participated in by various dignitaries and community members, reinforcing the collaborative effort needed for environmental conservation.

The chairman concluded the event with a closing remark, expressing gratitude to all participants and stakeholders for their dedication to the cause of a greener Ghana. He reiterated the importance of continued community involvement and government support in achieving the objectives of the Green Ghana initiative.

The Green Ghana Day in Pru East District was a resounding success, highlighting the community’s dedication to environmental sustainability and setting a positive precedent for future activities aimed at fostering a greener, healthier environment.